Why Choose Us?

Dream Big Community Center (aka – DBCC) is an organization dedicated to help individuals to have a better quality of life by providing unique opportunities for young adolescents to learn, grow, and flourish into the adults of the future. Our programs are designed to teach the youth how to dream their ambitions, build their dreams, and live their passions.

Ultimately, Dream Big’s vision is to create community centers nationally and internationally. In order to fulfill the vision, Dream Big would expand to cardinal cities within the metro area nucleus after the first center was built, financially stable, and successful in completing the mission statement. Once Dream Big has established itself in the metropolitan area and the four surrounding cities, the center will expand in helping individuals fulfill their dreams.

Dream Big will be that something to aspiring individuals. Dream Big will be that opportunity. Dream Big will be that after-school program, tutor, support system, and if need be, friend. The Dream Big Community Center is to create the true meaning of a community center; and to allow all people to follow their dreams, no matter what age they may be.

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. build hope for a personal passion or interest
  2. have the student gain their sense of purpose
  3. learn their direction in life
  4. increase self-confidence in their passion
  5. make measurable progress in that quest
  6. give back to the community

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