Dream Big Community Center

Firstenburg Foundation Grant

Firstenburg Foundation Grant

We’re honored to receive funding for our Make Every Dream Count Blazer Game Night by the Firstenburg Foundation. On Thursday, April 6 at 7:30pm, the Portland Trail Blazers have invited us to enjoy a family night. Our families will have the opportunity to enter 30 minutes before doors open to watch the players warm up.

Our grant allowed us to purchase 80 tickets.¬†Dream Big provides (4) tickets per family. The school administrators choose families who couldn’t potentially afford this opportunity otherwise. If the family is need of transportation, Dream Big helps fulfill that need too.

The long term goal for Make Every Dream Count is a blueprint to connect dreams to monetizable skills. MEDC will address the lack of services and programs in middle schools, and create other alternatives for high schools to excel in academic achievement and completion. We goal our programs to be the intervention to gangs, teenage pregnancy, imprisonment, and/or school dropout.

Since this will be the third year of MEDC Blazer Game Night, we’re happy to have the help of a well-respected organization. As a community organization, it’s important to have the help our community members. We can’t do it all by ourselves, so collaboration is vital to our success.

Thank you to all who’ve helped us achieve this milestone!

Dreaming Big,
The DB Family



As one board member has said, "I've been an ant's eyelash away from getting into trouble." That goes for me too. I've been blessed numerous times. Dream Big is my brainchild, because I want our youth know their potential is worth fighting for- and it's my job to help them dream it, build it, and live it. It's a community effort, so please join me.