Dream Big Community Center

PLAYLive Gaming Summer Tournament

We’re happy to announce our summer tournament with PLAYLive at the Vancouver Mall. Starting in July 2017, we’ll have an opportunity for all levels of gamers. PLAYLive will host a tournament for us over a period of  six weeks on every Wednesday. The dates are the following:

July 12 – Call of Duty/Black OPs III
July 19 – Mortal Kombat
July 26 – NBA2K17
August 2 – Call of Duty/Black OPs III
August 9 – HALO 5
August 2 – Madden Football

There are 20 spots for each day. We’ll start at 4pm and goes until 6pm.

Stay tuned for more!

DB Family



As one board member has said, "I've been an ant's eyelash away from getting into trouble." That goes for me too. I've been blessed numerous times. Dream Big is my brainchild, because I want our youth know their potential is worth fighting for- and it's my job to help them dream it, build it, and live it. It's a community effort, so please join me.