Sponsor A Dream


This product was made by poor or illness children. However, they are not poor product quality, we guided thoroughly for those children so that they can do it. You buy this product also mean you contribute to our charities for them. We promise that all the money collected will be used for the right purpose.


Throughout the last 10 years of doing this, that there is no true definition of “At Risk” populations of youth. All youth have the same propensity to be at risk of making bad decisions. For example, any teenage girl can become pregnant, just as a young teenage boy can become a father; any young teen can join a gang, any young person can do drugs, and any student can drop out of school. Those examples may be true for someone you know personally. All neighborhoods have children. Therefore, we cannot exclude anyone, any family, nor any community.

Every Child Is At Risk Of Not Pursuing Their Dream
• Shouldn’t we give every child and adolescent the same opportunity to find their passion, ambition, and dream?
• Aren’t we stronger when everyone is empowered?
• Why do we need to place a label on an individual to render services?


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