Dream Big Community Center

The Time to Build is Now

The Time to Build is Now

When we first started back in 2004, my advisors and I sat individually going back and forth examining which move comes first. Should we build our beautiful state-of-the-art facility? Or, do you build a reputation by creating and implementing programs? From individual meetings to board conversations, two years later we came to a conclusion. Our focus will be on the programs.

As many scientist pondered if the chicken or the egg comes first, we pondered the same for Dream Big. Therefore, we analyzed each scenario as best as we could. The programs were going to be our best option. As we’ve grown and served our community (and beyond the Pacific Northwest), the time has come to our next great challenge. The time to build our community center is now.

This amazing feat will be no small adventure. I know it’s going to be hard and I’m going to want to quit. The rejections will come harder, faster, and louder than before. However, the time to build is now. Here’s why:

  • meeting space is limited and the majority time meetings require a restaurant;
  • recreation space for teenagers is almost non-existent without including a gym;
  • social services are hard to access for those with socio-economic challenges;
  • families and parents need a space for their growth and development;
  • educational services can’t always depend on the K-12 system to take care of every need;

For the last 10 years, I’ve seen moments that break my heart and other moments that made my heart smile. These moments have been etched in my memory knowing I could have done more if Dream Big had a home to help the students and their families. Ultimately, they need a space and place to give them an opportunity.

I see our organization being a facilitator of community resources. As an overall community, I believe this is possible. Organizations in the community are already doing the work of connecting ‘clients’ to organizations with resources, but aren’t in the spotlight for the great work being done. The time is now to create a headquarters in Clark County.

Let’s Dream Big Together,
Nathan A Webster



As one board member has said, "I've been an ant's eyelash away from getting into trouble." That goes for me too. I've been blessed numerous times. Dream Big is my brainchild, because I want our youth know their potential is worth fighting for- and it's my job to help them dream it, build it, and live it. It's a community effort, so please join me.