Dream Big Community Center

Week 3 – Laying the Foundation

This is by far one of the hardest tasks I’ve undertook. For the last 13 years of my life I have been dedicated to building the name, Dream Big. Now’s the time to work on the other half of our name, Community Center. The challenge is exciting but also nerve racking. The foundation of building the building is just as important to building its purpose.

Location is paramount, but nothing can be done without scrupulous attention. Every brick matters. The beams and steel matters. Nothing can be overlooked. That’s why everyone’s help matters.

Dream Big and Godspeed,



As one board member has said, "I've been an ant's eyelash away from getting into trouble." That goes for me too. I've been blessed numerous times. Dream Big is my brainchild, because I want our youth know their potential is worth fighting for- and it's my job to help them dream it, build it, and live it. It's a community effort, so please join me.